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The Art of Aging…

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost


Every year this lady sinks deeper into the soil loosing pieces of herself to the elements. She started out sitting in a full lotus position full of dreams, desires and hope. In the early 70’s I sculpted her out stoneware clay and she mirrored my beliefs of a wonderful future. I suppose she still mirrors me to some degree…she still has a posture of hope and inner strength but now it is strengthened by experience and an interesting mix of life events. Some years the struggle is more…but always the Strength to weather the storm is there.

We are both determined to keep our heads above ground!
To carry on!
One with All.


Today is the anniversary of my brothers death. It’s been 39 years since his passing and it’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by…so quickly. The daffodils in bloom remind me of that day and remind me of the cycle of life.



Spring Open Studios is this Sat!


4th floor artists
Saturday, April 12, noon – 5 pm

Come join the 80 + artists in the ET Wright Building and the Sandpaper Factory as they open their studios to the public for a one day spring event.
It is always a good time touring the buildings and talking to the artists about their work. Demos, refreshments and items for sale.

Gallery 4’s Spring Show will still be on exhibit in the Gallery so check that out also.
Plenty of free parking.

Stop by and check us out!

Spring Open Studios…April 12, noon-5:00

The studio has been cleaned up and I’m ready for visitors. Paintings, stitched wall hangings, jewelry, art journals, knitwear and purses…I’ve been very productive this past winter!

I have some metalwork earrings that are nice and light.

Sea glass necklace and earring set wrapped in gold filled wire. Perfect for the warmer weather.

Here’s another view of the stitching studio.
There are almost 80 artists in 2 buildings that are in our group.

We open our studios twice a year to meet the public and talk about our newest projects. It is great to have people walking around the halls talking about Art, Fiber, Drawing, etc .

If you are in the area come and join us and spend the afternoon enjoying art and refreshments.

See you there!

The Divine Message Board has arrived!


It is very exciting to have this Divine Message Board in my hands! I painted the artwork for this project last Fall and it has come full circle! It started with Five paintings on canvas that were shrunk down and put together like magic onto a game board. The packaging is beautiful and the booklet that is included is very informative. It explains what each picture represents and how to use this board safely and to its highest good.

This was the vision of Pauline Pearson who is a gifted medium. She uses this board to help people get powerful messages and you can now do it your self. Truly fascinating! If you would like to purchase one let me know at shishi@comcast.net and we will make it happen. She is getting many positive responses. If you want to know more check out her website. http://www.thegoldenpendulum.com

15 Years Later…

I have hung my daughter’s wedding gown in the gallery to honor her 15th anniversary. This dress was remade from her 2 Grandmothers gowns. The satin was my Mom’s and the Irish Lace was my husbands mothers.

We did many fittings, added a bit here and a bit there. I added all the beading and lace design work…and I can remember working on this gown for months! Each piece Hand-stitched with anticipation of my daughter’s wedding day. It was truly an amazing moment watching her walk down the aisle in a dress with so many special moments and memories stitched into it.

Her two daughters came to see it and they both exclaimed that they wanted to wear that dress someday…time will tell!

Finally …Painting Time!

The easel is getting some use.

I’m working on the background of a new painting. I’m liking the colors, summery and cool. ..unlike the weather here! It’s hot and extremely humid today.

The other end of the studio is set up for Friday’s girls night out. I have 2 tables end to end…which gives us 12 feet! I’m really looking forward to the festivities.


Stitching class is this afternoon in the Fiber studio.


Thankfully the two studios are on the same floor now! I can wheel things from one to the other without needing to get on the freight elevator. That makes it so much easier than before. Everything is falling into place….Nice!

Art Party Time!

This Fri is our first gathering in the new studio for the kick off of the Summer Series Workshops!
Art, wine, munchies….should be Fun!!



This week is the Mosaic class. We will be using our family treasures and special collections in a 5×5 tile. Here are a couple of my samples.



Now…if the muggie weather would be kind enough to leave, all will be great in my world!!

Spinning Silk

I spent the morning working with Silk. I had come across some dyed silk in hankie form.

I separated the layers and drafted them.

The spinning went quite well and I found myself getting a rhythm. I now have quite a bit on the spool. I like how the color intensified.

Next I need to decide what to ply it with….silk, merino, cotton?? I’ll sample some up later this week and see what I like best.

I came home from guild with a bag of llama in this beautiful chestnut brown color. It will need a lot of attention to get it spinnable.


I’ve never spun this raw fiber before. I’m curious how it handles. I’ll let you know.

Springtime in the Garden

Shishi Designs Parties!!

I am beginning a new adventure…

Springtime in the Garden

I have had this idea for a few years now to lead painting classes in a fun, social, relaxed and exciting atmosphere.  Friday night Art Bar.  Wine, Women and Art.  I’m still in the planning stages….but things are moving fast! I have a huge, wonderful new studio to host the parties in. Pictures and details to follow as soon as I finalize the details.

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Birthing Goddess–Handstitched on cotton & linen turquoise and copper embellishments.

Birthing Goddess--Handstitched on cotton & linen turquoise and copper embellishments.

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful women who are Moms to people, animals, ideas and adventures! May you enjoy all the Blessings that Life has to offer.