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The Trees Emerge…

I have been working on my Winter Cloth during these days of freezing, snowy Winter weather.  It is slow…meditative…inward.  January is good for this.

Winter Cloth....trees added

This was inspired by Jude of Spirit Cloth. http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/#tp She has been an inspiration to me…the way she puts her fabrics together…her stitching…her art quilts…amazing!  

Tomorrow is the start of her class “Contemporary Boro Workshop” which I will be a part of.  I am doing the preliminary work from her video class “Cloth 2 Cloth” and this is a picture of the woven squares that I’ve done so far.

Woven Boro Cloth #1

This is the first.  It is the backside of a fabric to give a softer look. Other layers will be put on it with threadwork on top of that.

Woven Boro #2

I will baste this together and then it will be ready for the next step.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” ~Rumi


Winter Cloth…

There has been quite a snow-storm here in the Northeast…we woke up to a chilly house and no electricity.  We cooked our breakfast on the woodstove…made drip coffee the old fashioned way…and waited out the storm warm and cozy.

The perfect time for me to work on a new piece called “Winter Cloth”.  I was able to complete the background while the snow was blowing and piling up outside.

Winter Moon Beams
I’ll add a tree or 2 or 3…a few hundred more stitches or so…and …
well, we’ll see what happens. These little cloths have their own stories to tell.  They whisper!
Everything is so beautiful with the fresh coating of snow…but the reality is that it is really HEAVY on the shovel! Phew, I did my share and then came back in to do more stitching!

“Take an object. Do something to it.

Do something else to it.”

Jasper Johns





Honoring the Cloth…

I’ve been drawn to the making of  ‘slow cloth’

stitches… remnants… threads…

and then I learn…there is a movement of women who are doing the same thing.  Honoring the cloth…it’s past…its stories, and creating new stories with the fragments of all.

…Making Spirit Cloths…

Beginnings of Winter Cloth

Here are some of the small pieces that I’ve been working on for the past few months.

Stacked Small Cloths and Wool Penny Pin Cushion

What is it about the thrill of seeing a pile of work….I guess the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction for a job well done. 

Hours of stitching time compacted into one small stack!

A Glimpse of Stitches

Now it’s time for Waiting….to Listen to the Whispers of the Cloth

         And what is life? A crazy quilt; Sorrow and joy, and grace and guilt, With here and there a square of blue For some old happiness we knew; And so the hand of time will take The fragments of our lives and make, Out of life’s remnants, as they fall, A thing of beauty, after all.


(Excerpt from “A Crazy Quilt” by Douglas Malloch)




Simplify...a time of solitude and Inner Travel

My word for the year 2011 is “Simplicity”
More time for Deep Breathing….Being…and Deciding.   Slowing down.  Choosing.  Waiting.
Being Home…. Inner journeys.

“We have many layers, may shades, many moods.. fascinating creatures we are, with oceans inside of us and many poems waiting to be awakened from their deep slumbers.”

Happy New Year 2011