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About Me

My name is Shirley McGann but I am known as Shishi.  I am an Artist working in the Boston area. I have a studio in an old mill building that is home to over 50 other working artists.

I am on the second floor in Studio 219. One end of the space is where I weave, spin and do hand stitching on cloth. I have weekly classes and offer one day workshops.

The other end of the studio is home to my jewelry bench and  painting supplies.



This building also has a gallery space on the 1st floor called “Gallery 4″where we have monthly exhibits and shows. Painters, sculpture, mixed media, portrait artists, musicians, weavers, photographers, fiber arts, fine woodworkers, illustrators and more gather daily to work on their Art.




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  1. Love your work! Thanks for following @artsyhome – Would love to see your work on http://www.artsyhome.com

    June 16, 2011 at 9:55 am

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