Let your Creative Adventure Begin…CREATIVITY + ART = FUN


Art Party Time!

This Fri is our first gathering in the new studio for the kick off of the Summer Series Workshops!
Art, wine, munchies….should be Fun!!



This week is the Mosaic class. We will be using our family treasures and special collections in a 5×5 tile. Here are a couple of my samples.



Now…if the muggie weather would be kind enough to leave, all will be great in my world!!


Ready, Set, Go….


Open Studios is this weekend! 

Sun…Moon…Stars Wall Hanging


The painted and collaged vases came out great. I’ll be doing more of them…for sure.


The Studio is all cleaned up and ready for the crowds. The lighting is being adjusted, shelves are dusted and the Art is hanging.


Jewelry Corner


I’m Ready!



Attracting what you want


Whether it is the subject of money or lack of it, or health or lack of it, or a relationship or the lack of one—always, when you feel good, you are in the place of attracting that which you are wanting.

— Abraham Hicks

I have been thinking about my creative business in a different way and learning how to build an on-line presence since Feb of 2010.  I am learning that “state of mind” and intention and how we think is the key factor in having success.   That being said…..it’s not easy! 

There are days when it’s just not flowing.   Some days I just can’t wrap my brain around the dashboards and the widgets and the…..ugh, you get the idea. 

I have, however, been very productive with the hands-on part of my Artsy World.  That has been flowing and I have been adding classes to my usual schedule. 

Journal page....A good beginning is half the work.

Art Life is Good…the rest…well, I have begun.

I am in a place of attracting that which I want.

 I’ll be taking small steps…

Think Big…Dream Big…Go for It…We Deserve it…We Can Do It!

A Slideshow of Artwork…

Hello everyone,
I put together this slide show to show some of the work that I’ve been doing this year. I am involved in many different mediums but I feel that they are all related and have an energy about them that is identified as “my style”.

I am now getting a curriculum together of classes and workshops that will be offered this Fall at my School of Fun Arts. Anyone that is local …. south of Boston area….click on the Classes tab above for dates.


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A page from my Art Journal

Today is the day that I am putting my plan in motion. My goal for 2010 was to Begin create an online presence and to uplevel my creative business.    I am now ready to do just that.  I have been studying the Uplevel your Business e-course with Christine Kane  and am currently enrolled in Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons e-course.  They have given me the know-how to get this blog started and begin my online journey.


I am takeing action…..imperfect action….and that’s okay.

Last year I had to move my studio  from a place I had become very “comfortable” with.  Having to find a new space was huge at the time…….but in hindsight it was just what I needed. I am now in a great old building filled with many other artists and have made some wonderful new friends.  Being around all that creative energy has allowed my own creative juices to explode. I am now accountable to others and I want to try new things and push myself a bit more.  It has been a great Beginning.

I have lots of ideas that I will be exploring in the next few months. I welcome you to explore with me and together we will become Bigger.