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Open Studios and new classes listed

Getting ready for Open Studios

Putting the finishing touches on the walls and arranging the shelves for Saturday’s open studios.


I have framed some hand stitched pieces and they look wonderful!


The spring classes have been posted to the class tab above. Hand stitching classes are on Tues or Thursdays…Mixed Media classes are on Mon or Fri. Your choice which day.  I’m also doing children’s mixed media art classes on Sat 1-3:00 for ages 6 and up.




Weaving my Way into Spring

This has been a season of change for me. I have expanded my studio and have been able to add some new classes. Hand stitching and mixed media have been popular and I’m enjoying teaching both.


I have also been weaving with some of my handspun yarns and can feel the energy rising! It is calling me in a deep, ancestral way!



Studio Makeover…

imageRearranging, organizing, cleaning out,  and tossing!

phew!   It feels great to get things in order. The sitting area is done…now I’ll attack the other end of the room for Art supplies. Whoo Hoo !

Knitted fingerless gloves

This is a perfect project to jump start the Fall knitting season. I’m going to try this in some hand-dyed merino wool I’ve been saving. Let me know if you start a pair!

Crafty Little Sew n' Sew

Fable Mitts

Ravel it here!

You will need:

50 grams d.k yarn
4 mm straight needles
2 small stitch holders
darning needle
2 decorative buttons
stitch markers

Size – small (medium)

Tension/Gauge – 4” x 4” 24 sts & 28 rows in stocking stitch

k – knit p – purl st – stitches rs – right side of work ws – wrong side of work sl1, k1, psso – slip the next stitch knitwise to right needle, knit following stitch, pass slipped stitch over the previously knitted stitch k2tog – knit the next two stitches together st st – stocking stitch, knit on right side, purl on wrong side m1 inc – make 1 increase, with right needle pick up thread between stitches & place on left needle then knit into back loop pm – place marker


Mittens (make 2)

cast on 35 (39) stitches using the long tail cast…

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Beginning… Again.




I’ve been busy all along working on many creative things!


It was nice to have a break from blogging but it’s time to start again. So here I am continuing my work on the Diaries Cloth.  I’ve had the pleasure of joining a wonderful group of gals  over at Jude’s .  We have been stitching slowly and enjoying the group energy!


 I’ve used it a few times as a meditation cloth…it has a wonderful, calm energy.


Who knows…it may end up as a Kimona that I’ll wear!

This was an old, white linen shirt that I acquired somewhere (?) . It was calling out for a makeover so I tied up a few areas into little bundles and gave it a dip in the dye-p0t.


  I put these threads into a walnut dyepot to tone down the brightness in them.


 I have also moved my studio this past season so things have been a bit topsy turvy around here. 



Moons and Gifts…

Black and WhiteThis weekend has been full of gifts…Beautiful Full Moon!

Moon over the Atlantic

…some given to me…

Cupcake Light 

…some I have given…

Cozy Earwarmer

…some we’re still hunting for…

Big Decisions!

…and some I’m still ‘making’  for others…

Stitching in Progress


Ready, Set, Go….


Open Studios is this weekend! 

Sun…Moon…Stars Wall Hanging


The painted and collaged vases came out great. I’ll be doing more of them…for sure.


The Studio is all cleaned up and ready for the crowds. The lighting is being adjusted, shelves are dusted and the Art is hanging.


Jewelry Corner


I’m Ready!



Open Studios 2011



Our 20th Annual Open Studios will take place the weekend before

Thanksgiving, Saturday and Sunday,

November 19 & 20 from noon – 5pm.


70+ artists will be showing in 2neighboring buildings.

The ET Wright Building and the Sandpaper Factory.

They are only 2 blocks apart. Follow the red balloons between the buildings.


 AN EVENT NOT TO MISS….See new and established artists’ artwork  in the studios where they were created. Most disciplines are represented from painting, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry, mixed media, photography, fibers, fine metals, animation, and performance art. Genres range from abstract to representational.

 Art Journal

Talk to the artists about their work, see demos and enjoy the refreshments.
Works available for sale.
We have been busy getting our studios cleaned up and ready for the big event!  See you there.

A Swirly kind of Day…

Lately is seems that I see swirls everywhere…

at the studio.

fabric collage with machine freeform mark-making

 in the garden…

Cucumber leaf and vine

in the House…

Hurricane Candle


Etched Glass



 along the driveway…

Metal Swirl

So what can all this mean? Maybe this is one of my personal symbols. It seems that I have used many of these in my artwork…and I am drawn to them as decoration.

I think it is time to make  a swirling feather to send to Jude’s feather project.

Soon the Autumn leaves will be swirling….and my head will be Swirling with other ideas! 


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~Buddha

Time to get busy!







Mother Earth in Stitch…

I have finished working on the bag to hold my new Gaian Tarot Cards. The stitches seemed to fly onto the cloth…no thought involved…no decisions to make…just stitching.   

This is the perfect size to carry around.

The moon was a discharge done in Sun, Moon and Stars.  I put a bit of cotton fill to give it a Puff effect. 

Now I’m stitching a tie to use as a draw-string and that will finish it off!


“Everything is the result of something else. To have, what you have not; you must do, what you do not.”